sob «sob», verb, sobbed, sob|bing, noun, adjective.
1. to cry or sigh with short, quick breaths: »

sobbing and crying…as if her heart would break (Laurence Sterne).

2. to make a sound like a sob: »

The wind sobbed in the trees.

1. to put, send, or become, by sobbing: »

She sobbed herself to sleep.

2. to utter with sobs: »

“I have lost my penny,” the child sobbed. She sobbed out her sad story.

1. the act of catching short, quick breaths because of grief or some other emotion; act of sobbing.
2. the sound of sobbing or a sound like a sob: »

The anchor came up with a sob (Rudyard Kipling).

U.S. Informal. intended to arouse feelings of pity, sadness, or sympathy.
[Middle English sobben; perhaps ultimately imitative]
sob´bing|ly, adverb.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.